Andrea Pisano
(Annabelle Kayye's)
Andrea da Pontadera, otherwise known as Andrea Pisano, was an italian sculpture. Pisano was born in Pontadera, Italy in 1270 and died, 1348, in Orvieto Italy. He learned the trade of a goldsmith, but later became the pupil of Giovanni. However, much of Pisano's work was influenced by Giotto and his "principles of monumental painting". Pisano had two sons, Nino and Tommaso, who both became successful sculptures later.


The South Doors
The Florence Baptistry South Doors, maybe the most famous work of Pisano, are bronze and reside in Florence, Italy. Theywere commissioned in 1329. The doors are comprised of two halves, each with 14 panels. The top 20 panels depicting scenes related to John the Baptist while the lower eight depict the eight virtues of hope, faith, charity, humility, fortitude, temperance, justice and prudence. The panels were meant to be read from top to bottom and left to right. Much like pages from a book.
First 20:The angel announces to Zachariah. Zachariah is struck mute. Visitation. Birth of the Baptist. Zachariah writes the boy's name. St John as boy in the desert. He preaches to the Pharisee. He announces Christ. Baptism of his disciples. Baptism of Jesus. St John reprimands Herod Antipas. Incarceration of St. John. The disciples visit St. John. The disciples visit Jesus. Dance of Salome. Decapitation of St. John.Presentation of St John's head to Herod Antipas. Salome takes the head to Herodias. Transport of the body of St. John. Burial0001no1sm.jpg0001no2sm.jpg 0009no11sm.jpg 0009no12sm.jpg
0002no3sm.jpg 0002no4sm.jpg 0010no13sm.jpg 0010no14sm.jpg0003no5sm.jpg 0003no6sm.jpg 0059sm.jpg 0011no16sm.jpg0004no7sm.jpg 0004no8sm.jpg 0012no17sm.jpg 0060sm.jpg0021no9sm.jpg 0020no10sm.jpg 0062sm.jpg 0061sm.jpgThe eight foritudes: Hope. Faith. Charity. Humility. Fortitude. Temperance.Justice. Prudence0022hopesm.jpg0023fidessm.jpg0063sm.jpg0064sm.jpg